On Wednesday, 5th, April I started a short course on Natural History Illustration online. Many years ago back 1983, I started a correspondence course which I did quite vigorously with enthusiasm, til near the end when I became sick. But that Australian based course was quite extensive and a good start to the basics.

This course now with the Newcastle University is going to be quite challenging. Amazing, what one forgets, over the years I picked up a bad habit of getting it out of the way quickly. Today when I saw the cones and cube and sphere drawings, I remembered cutting them out of paper and placing them all over the table for shadows and different angles.

I feel a bit worried about whether, today, 36 years later, I can draw and shade a sphere or a cone or even a cube. Dammit, I may as well make them again, just, like I had done, in the past. Drawing an accurate bird or animal to measurement is something, I hope, will change my bad habits.