Not much to write. I love art of all types, and l really like viewing art. Creating art and turning ideas into a drawing or painting is something that inspires me.

I used like fooling around in 3D software (the image on the left) from Bryce, which is still available today, but in bundles. Blender is an open source program that offers so much more than 3D. Although I haven’t used it for a while, it is even more amazing today(the fun image on the right).

An image that was popular at the markets

One drawing medium I really like is pen, mainly black and white. Regardless of what people say, creating color without color is not easy. Using everything from crosshatching, pressure on the nib or brush, right thru to splatter techiniques or dot drawing. The effects are endless and give a sense of achievement, not looking at a mix of color and deluding myself that I am looking at a finished picture. Pen and Ink page a the site develops artwork will be posted, especially old work as well.

Another one of my favorite mediums is pencil, what a wonderful simple tool. One create depth, light, shade, darkness and emotion all with one pencil. Pressure shading by crosshatching different value leads creates wonderful and pleasing results.

Somewhere around 1982-3
Somewhere around 2013