Wrist Exercises

I am not going to run lessons here on how to draw, but more, like how to control your hands. Some people may find this extremely boring. I enjoy it.

In future there will drawing tutorials using the techniques below.

Blank sheet for wrist exercises

I use an A4 sheet usually the cheapest copy paper I can find. I draw a line on each side 5 mm in and one down the centre. I use the 2 columns for wrist exercises. By Placing the wrist in the middle of the first column.

In this picture you can see that I have drawn a couple of lines. This was done by placing the wrist in the middle of the first column and swinging only my wrist from left to right. Left Handed artists may want to go right to left.

Here you can see the wrist placed on the left side of the first column

Here the wrist has finished swing, without moving the fingers or the elbow.

Finger Exercises

Roughly divide the A4 page into 4 columns.

Placing your wrist in the middle of these small columns draw a line moving only your fingers, pulling the pencil from left to right or if you arelefthanded right to left.

These are very roughly drawn to give an idea of what your lines may look like. You will notice that pressure can be used to create tonal differences in your shading.


Chiarascuro Shading

These shaded boxes are all drawn with a 6B pencil on cheap copy paper. Different pressures have been applied to each square to create shading. Box 3 & 5 were shaded with light pressure then heavier with 6B pencil, then crosshatched.

Gaining speed makes the line smoother with cleaner shading. I personally find that exercises like this are best done on cheap paper, but as you gain experience and shade with different grades of pencil the effect on objects looks great on better quality paper.

Although, these exercises are on pencil shading hopefully you will find your pen and ink work benefit from exercising your wrists, fingers.

Using Fingers and Wrists

Drawing 1/2 circles

Used a disposable cup to create these half circles

Drawing as quickly as you can draw these 1/2 circles over and over each other

Aqua Brush

Simple exercises with a medium aqua brush filled with Dr PH Martins Bombay Black India Ink (water proof so be careful, not to ruin your brush ) So far, as long as the lid is on , no troubles, also have a large aqua brush with same ink, watered down, for greys.

These are not the actual size.Just brush strokes using pressure, at different points of the line , creating different effects.

More simple brush lines without deliberate pressure

Use of pressurem that could be used closer together for either shading or texture or patterning.