Pen and Ink Art

This page, will be used to display current and old works as they are being finished, including those seemingly never finished.

Kitten Chaos III

Ok!! This is the third installment in this group. Each step as I do it, will be posted. Explanations will be put in captions once these three drawings are finished. I didn’t post the original pencil roughs, as rough is the right word. To post these here so to keep viewing quality after importing as a black and white bitmap, and clean up in Gimp or PS in black and white mode, no anti-aliasing on the image. I then proceed to vector trace in Inkscape and save image as an SVG, then import to Gimp or PS add white background then save in the required format.

Kitten Chaos II

This image is still a work in progress. It is drawn in a fine-liner pen on extra cheap copy paper, the solid blacks are filled with an aqua pen with india ink (Dr PH Martins). As this drawing progresses more of these stages will be added.

Kitten Chaos I

Although this is the fore-runner to Kitten Chaos II, I haven’t quite finished this. Although there is only small finishing touches, I wanted continuity between the 2 drawings. I became aware that committing the cat or kittens to certain patterns may break the flow between the 2 pictures.

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